The Responsibility of Heros

 Ken Myle posted a Pic of John Hartford on my Facebook timeline last week and a flood of memories came back. I was thinking today about how when you idolize some one and you're in such awe of them, but…Read more

Try to Imagine...

The analogy I've been using for Japan is; try to imagine a Tsunami hitting New Jersey right around Toms River. A 13 to 33 foot wall of water comes in 5-10 miles inland wiping all those shore towns right off…Read more

But.... everything is OK.

The latest from Japan is very troubling, but now I have a slightly better understanding of the problems at the Nuke plants. NHK ( Nippon Hoso Kyokai. It's the National Public TV & Radio network of Japan) just had a…Read more

Music Player and Store

 I didn't become a musician to sit all day at the computer, but I'm trying to devote more time to the web site here. We'll see how it goes. Don't forget I have a music player down on the left…Read more

Niki's Dishwasher

I don't think this is nearly as funny as my wife does, so I guess this is a woman's story. It is a true story...

Niki works in a near by Dental office. 25 years ago, her and her husband…

Read more

Film Preservation

I've got old movies on the brain and the Music that goes with them. I just got back from Capitol Fest in Rome, NY. One of two film festivals of old movies I attend. Both of these, Cinefest in Syracuse…Read more

Ted the Hoarder...

I haven't written much because I'm devoting most of my time to trying to clear all the junk I've acquired out of the house and into the trash or the hands of people who might want some of it. I've…Read more

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