Niki's Dishwasher

I don't think this is nearly as funny as my wife does, so I guess this is a woman's story. It is a true story...

Niki works in a near by Dental office. 25 years ago, her and her husband Jeff bought a house. He got her a brand new dishwasher. It was delivered and left on the porch in its original shipping crate. Jeff kept saying he'd get around to installing it pretty soon...

The kids were born, they grew up. Flower beds came and went. They painted the house a couple times, new driveway, new cement walk, etc. etc. It sat there still. Jeff even fixed the porch once. He had to shove the crate out of the way, but he put it back when he was done...

One day, Jeff's Aunt Rita died. Jeff went to the funeral, but Niki stayed home. He called her from his Uncle's house. "Uncle Don says he'll sell you Aunt Rita's Royal Doulton China. It's a complete set of 12 place settings. He only wants $300."

"Sure, " She said, "go for it..."

"Remember," He added before he hung up, "You won't be able to put them in the Dishwasher..."

When he got home, the locks were changed, and all his belongings were out on the lawn....

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  • Sasha Grey
    Sasha Grey
    Where can I read the rest of the story about the dishwasher? -

    Where can I read the rest of the story about the dishwasher? -

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