The Big Time Birthday Bash

Ted's annual Big Time Birthday Bash started out in 2001 to be a way for Ted to give back to the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, Pa.. Ted would invite musicians from his 45 year career to join in a jam session, sell tickets and give any profit back to the Theatre. After Ted left the theatre in 2011, the show moved to Chaplin's where Ted has been hosting the Sunday Open Mics and monthly Bluegrass Jams. The focus also changed and it became a charity event. Raising Money for the little known charity Performers For Relief (It's a charity, not a laxative) Last year we raised $900 for charity. Giving it away to something Local and trying to eliminate the middle man or put gas in some one's BMW. It's been a great 14 years, but this year the date, Ted's actual Birthday falls on a Friday and most musicians, including Ted have paying gigs and so it is with great regret that we're going to postpone or actually retire the Big Time Birthday Bash this year. We may try to resurrect it some time down the road. We've even talked about doing the show in the Summer Months instead. This time of the year is tough for everyone and it's actually amazing the Bash lasted 14 years being held two days before Christmas. We want to thank every one who's contributed to this project and if you feel so inclined, you can still make a donation to Performers For Relief and send it to Ted's address. It can be found in the Contact area of this web site under About Us. Thanks again for a great 14 years! This year Ted is going to finally get his free meal at Shady Maple!

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