One More clip before Sunday 

One more clip before Sunday

One more clip before our show this Sunday. This is from last year again. Ted got up there in the stratosphere a little, but it's still a fun clip. And that's what Jam Sessions are all about!

Will and Ted's Excellent Concert! 

Sunday May 21 2023  (If it doesn't rain!)  

3pm - 7pm

Will and Ted's Excellent Concert!

Will and Ted will try to entertain you at Fitzwater Station out back in the Grove 

With the usual gathering of Special Guests

(Brian Herder so far! He plays Dobro & Elc Guitar)

You never know who else might be sitting in!

It's an Outdoor Jam Session to Lift Spirits and Amaze!

Fitzwater Station 264 Canal St, Phoenixville, PA 19460    (610) 933-1420    3-7pm 

Fitzwater is located in Mont Claire, Pa just north of Phoenixville off Rt 29. 

Be There or Be Square!

Dress Warmly. Bring a Lawn Chair. Come Hungry and Thirsty.

No coolers please

     There's no cover charge.

And it's Dog and Goose Friendly!

Fitz usually provides the Geese. No need to bring yours.

Something From Last Year

Mighty Manatees Plus Ted Oct 16 2022 Sunday 

As I mentioned, The Mighty Manatees Plus Ted will try again Sunday Oct 16 2022 in the Grove concert area behind Fitzwater Station this weekend 3pm. Here's a video from Last year at almost this same exact time of year. There's a little square you can click to make it full screen. Halloween is just around the Corner. This video is a little loose, but hey? It was dark out and our second to last song of the night! 

Fitzwater Station 264 Canal St, Phoenixville, PA 19460 (610) 933-1420    3-7pm 

Dress warmly. Bring a Lawn Chair. Come Hungry and Thirsty.

There's no cover charge. 

Help us close out the 2022 Summer with a Music and Dancin Party!!!



Sunday September 25 3-7pm. Acoustic Mighty Manatees Crisp Fall Celebration. Fitzwater !!! 

Crisp Fall Celebration

Sunday September 25  3-7pm.

Acoustic Mighty Manatees

Will Hodgson, Ted The Fiddler, and Brian Herder 

Plus the Usual Oodles of Spontaneity and Special Guests!

Fitzwater Station 264 Canal St, Phoenixville, PA 19460 (610) 933-1420

Come One! Come All! Bring a lawn chair. There's no Cover Charge! Just Buy Something to Eat or Drink. Dogs on a leash are welcome or used to be. We supply the Geese.

Also with the surge of water recreation you might think about coming a little early to find a parking spot. They fill up fast on nice days. The outdoor BBQ is open too.

It's a Video Link of us from 5 22 2022  Click On It!

Another Great Afternoon in the Grove is coming up  

Another Great Afternoon in the Grove is coming up 
Sunday July 17 3pm. Fitzwater Station 264 Canal St, Phoenixville, PA 19460 (610) 933-1420 

The Mighty Manatees plus Ted. 

Now.... it seems to me every time I post a Gig like this someone asks me Where, What Time, What Day Etc. It's always right here in the description! Usually nobody clicks or scrolls down any farther, so I'll repeat it. 3pm Fitzwater Station ( In Mont Claire) (610) 933-1420 264 Canal St, Phoenixville, PA 19460 is the official address and will get you there if you put that in your GPS or Phone maps. Hope to see some of you.

I have no idea who else might be there. All I know is that William contacted me and asked if I was available and I said yes, but you can be sure.... it will be a little different each time. Different guests like Ray might show up. Mike, or Brian, or Lex, who knows. That's part of the fun! It's a Jam Session! Not every tune will be perfect, but some will be Unbelievably Unique, Outstanding and Exceptional It's Spontaneous! The way only unplanned jams can be. And it's not like you had to pay to get in? Just bring a lawn chair and buy something to eat or drink. That's how it works. This Pic was by Jack Rickenbach.

HSPA Strawberry Fest 

I will be strolling around at the Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area this coming Saturday June 11th during their Strawberry Festival and Flea Market. I'll be playing the fiddle from about 11am until the Ice Cream and Strawberries, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers run out. Maybe earlier if I can manage. Always a fun time and to find a few Bargains too! Everyone is welcome. Onward! 

204 Church Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460

Once again it's time for Will & Ted's Excellent Concert!  

Once Again It's Time For

Will & Ted's Excellent Concert! 

And Once Again weather permitting, it will be at Fitzwater Station this coming May 22nd. Sunday afternoon 3pm.

Mighty Manatees plus Ted. 

There's been some improvements to the Grove, or at least they were planned for this spring. I haven't been over there yet to check things out, but the New Management is all in on the Summer Concerts in the Grove.

So Come On Out And See Us !

Fitzwater Station         264 Canal St, Phoenixville, PA 19460     610-933-1420

Looks like maybe I'm not retired after all!  

Well,... Looks like maybe I'm not retired after all!

I've been invited to join the Mighty Manatees this April 9th for an all original, Acoustic First Set at the Historic Sellersville Theatre 1894... Although I think they've recently decided to drop the 1894. Check the Sellersville Website for more information or search for the Mighty Manatees website and check their schedule. We'll also be doing a show in the new refurbished Fitzwater Station Grove this coming May 22nd. I'll post more about that as we get closer to the date.

Here's what Will and I do together