The Responsibility of Heros

 Ken Myle posted a Pic of John Hartford on my Facebook timeline last week and a flood of memories came back. I was thinking today about how when you idolize some one and you're in such awe of them, but then you get to know them and some of that goes away. Then they do something that reminds you of why they were one of your heros in the first place... Hartford took me canoeing one time and when we were paddling around on the Cumberland, he was picking his nose and started laughing and said, "I guess it's not the greatest thing to see your hero picking his nose!" He washed his finger off in the river water. So I was just thinking... if you're some body's hero, be sure and don't be picking your nose or farting or any of that stuff in front of them. We need our heros and you gotta be aware of your responsibility.

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