Strangers in a Strange Land Originally posted May 2009

There is also a big civil war re-enactment over in Schwenksville today I wanted to visit. I keep forgetting though and it's 10:58 already. That started at 10am I think at the old Pennypacker Mansion and Park. That seems so strange. Tokoyo, my wife, used to play Bridge with Penny Pennypacker and my friend Lee Ann Maley kept her horses and pet skunks there. When Penny died, they made the property into a State or National Park. Her family has lived there since the revolutionary war times and hosted Washington and his Troops. The Pennypacker Mill was turned into a Restaurant in the 1940's and when my Dad got out of WWII, he bought it and I lived there until I was 8 years old. My parents ran the restaurant and we lived upstairs. Later the Mill burned down and now it's just an empty lot. It all seems strange they made it into a Park and you have to go there as a tourist now and of course hardly anyone I used to know is left in Schwenksville and I'm treated as an outsider. I went to Elementary School, High School, and Church there. My first job was as a dish washer at the Smorgasbord upstairs over the Schwenksville Fire House. Almost every one in town was related and had lived there for generations. Both my Grandparents owned houses in town. Two sets of Aunts and Uncles and Cousins lived in town. Now most of the people in town are from some where else and we are the strangers...

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