But.... everything is OK.

The latest from Japan is very troubling, but now I have a slightly better understanding of the problems at the Nuke plants. NHK ( Nippon Hoso Kyokai. It's the National Public TV & Radio network of Japan) just had a section explaining it in better detail. Apparently the control rods were put in place but the rods are still hot enough to melt everything. When the cooling system failed and the back up cooling failed, they some how poured sea water into the reactors to try and cool them, but the rods are still so hot that the water was separated into it's basic molecules and Hydrogen collected inside the building and blew the roof off. They said, "That's OK, Don't Worry.... but every body had better evacuate within a 12 mile area" and then... it happened again just last night with another one of the reactors. So they've got two nukes with the roofs blown off, but everything is OK. The American Navy moved their war ships out of the area this morning.... but everything is OK. The Russians are monitoring Radiation along their coast, but everything is OK. (The Wind is blowing everything east so far) About 200 people have been stripped naked and washed surrounded by folks in Hasmat Suits from three countries, but everything is OK....

In the mean time, all the major news teams are sending reporters Into the
area.... what idiots.

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