Try to Imagine...

The analogy I've been using for Japan is; try to imagine a Tsunami hitting New Jersey right around Toms River. A 13 to 33 foot wall of water comes in 5-10 miles inland wiping all those shore towns right off the map. Not like a flood, more like a billion bull dozers. They're just flattened and the debris piles up on top of piles with sand and mud that entire distance. The roads are impassible all down the coast. Then the Oyster Creek Nuke Plant suddenly starts spewing radioactivity towards Philadelphia. Then Philadelphia and Camden water starts to get radioactive and all the people who were NOT drowned or lost there homes start moving into your area in school auditoriums and gymnasiums. The Electric gets flaky. It's 32 degrees out and snowing and raining and everybody in that whole corridor starts to run out of gasoline, oil heat, food, water, medicine and supplies of all kinds. That's what it's like in Japan right now and it's not getting any better very fast. They have pretty good relief systems in place, but like Katrina it's just overwhelmed by the magnitude of the thing.

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